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Infused With Bear Oil.

BACK IN STOCK - Limited Quantities.

Instructions: Using Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube & How to lube your patches.

  • The biggest benefit you WILL notice when using our Anti-Rust & Patch Lube is that it is everything we say it is. It stops rust in its tracks without any harmful chemicals or smells.It is very easy to apply. Black powder fouling is softened greatly without the need of a runny lube.
  • I know ordering a "new" patch lube can be scary at times, as you've probably lived through the muzzle loading empire years, and have been burned before by the new and better lubes they come out with.
  • One huge benefit is the fact that there is NO OTHER LUBE on the market like ours! Our lube does NOT use anything like the typical beeswax, paraffin wax, mineral oil based lubes. It is truly a remarkable lube that has no expiration date!
  • I have family members that work for the local PD, SP & Correctional facilities. I trust my product with my life, and my family members lives. You to can trust it when you treat your firearms with a product made by Frontier!
  • NO Petroleum products
  • Cleans up with Warm soapy water (Or your favorite firearm cleaner), and does NOT build up in the bore over time.
  • Can be used inside and out of ALL firearms.
  • Black Powder Revolver shooters will love it as it keeps that hard crusty fouling from forming at the throat of the cylinders.
  • Once the lube has cured over night, you do NOT have to swab ( Muzzle Loader ) the bore clean, prior to loading up a fresh charge!
This lube is made with actual bear oil! No gimmicks! Anyone else that sells a bear lube, normally fills the can with either paraffin or beeswax and adds a tiny bit of bear oil. We do not use any waxes, but a blend of our best selling anti rust ingredients and bear oil. This is a great COLD weather lube as well!

Note: Due to USPS handling, sometimes our tins do arrive with some dents. We do our best to wrap them in bubble wrap to help protect them. If they arrive with some dents, this will be typical. Whats INSIDE the tin is what matters!

***Not Intended for use with conical bullets***

Each tin is 5oz.

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