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.44-.45cal Felt Wads

.44-.45cal Felt Wads

Frontier's - Bullseye Discs are used over the powder and under the patched round ball or conical bullet to help seal gasses and protect the Patch ( Round Ball shooters ) from the hot gasses and flame from the powder charge. Conical shooters will experience greater accuracy and consistency when using Bullseye Pads, as the Felt Pad, protects the fragile base of the bullet from gasses that can cut around the base of the bullet, causing erratic velocity, groups and leading in the bore. Helps prevent chain fires and keeps fouling softer,in your black powder revolver.

These are 100% custom made in our shop and lubed with our own lube! Our lube out performs all over lubes and is much more user friendly when carrying on a hot day as our lube fully melts at around 103 degrees.

100 ct, PRE-LUBED with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube.

Made in the USA with USA Made Materials!

These are not repackaged store bought materials! I make my own wads to my standard, and each one is lubed by hand to ensure a consistent coverage of lubrication.

Fits both .44 & .45 caliber. These are custom over sized discs that ensure a proper seal!


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